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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I had always been a fan of TCM since I first saw the film when I was approximately 16 years old.  It wasn't until I lived in Austin, TX that I realized that the film was made in Austin.  This perked my interest and I wanted to know where the film was made.  I have an essay that I wrote about my experience making this web site and Quick Hill HERE.

After I "discovered" the place where most of the film was made, I made contact with Gunnar Hansen and we corresponded via e-mail for a while.  Eventually, we became friends and business partners as we are to this day.  He also opened the door for me to meet and become friends with most of the rest of the cast.  He contributed greatly to the expansion of this web site and it's content.  But none the less, a lot of research, drive time, gas, film and money on my part (estimating in the thousands of dollars) has been poured into this web site on my part.

I'll try to briefly name a few milestones that I have achieved with the web site.  I helped Exploited Video with their documentary on TCM.  I now sell autographs directly from Marilyn Burns and Paul Partain.  To my knowledge, I am the only person to have compiled every location the film was shot at into one web site.  But I have to say that the biggest achievement that I have made in this part of my life is to have become friends with most of the cast members and help them to continue to receive recognition for the "little ol' horror movie" they made many years ago that they greatly deserve.  Again, I salute them all.

These days, I very much enjoy receiving the e-mails and snail mails I get from TCM fans.  I also enjoy "checking in" once in a while with some cast members - either talking about autograph sales or just catching up on things in our lives.  I try as best as I can to keep up with the world of TCM, although I have to admit that this site has become very overwhelming in terms of my time and the 400+ HTML pages that I have written for the site.  I "never have expected, nor would have wished to see as much as..." how this site has grown.  I'm extremely proud of my work, for which I give GREAT CREDIT to my wife Cheri for.  She has given me her patience, support and enthusiasm to put this site together.  And I also feel that she is proud of the work that we both have put in to this.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read this page.  I did not post this page to my site for any "egotistical" reasons.  But only to answer people's questions that I have been asked over and over again.  I suppose some people may have wanted to know exactly who I am.  If not, oh well!





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