The Getaway Scene


Dottie Pearl applying Kayro-syrup for blood on Marilyn Burns in preparation for the final scene.

Dotti Pearl (then the wife of Daniel Pearl) is shown here applying Karo syrup-based blood for the final scene.

The Karo syrup dried quickly to Marilyn's skin in the hot Texas sun.  She cried in pain as it was removed while she sat in a bathtub.  Edwin Neal has been quoted in saying that whatever Marilyn received for shooting TCM, [for being tied up, gagged and tossed around, poked in the face with a broom handle - resulting in a black eye - hit on the head repeatedly with a rubber mallet and chased up and down a steep stairway and through a tangled thicket in the dark, closely pursued by a live chainsaw, bloodshedding, falling from the roof, the heat, the frustration] that it couldn't have been enough.  And by all reports, it wasn't.

For more information on the legal problems that followed after the completion of TCM, please visit this page.

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