Randy Carpenter

Randy is the lucky owner of the original Leatherface mask that was used in the 1974 movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Below is a copy of an e-mail from him explaining how he got the mask and what he is doing with it today.  This is the only known remaining mask of the three masks that were used in the film.  The other two are believed to be destroyed at this time.

Randy's e-mail message to me has been edited by myself for corrections and formatting.

Here are some pics of the original leatherface mask (the killing mask).

As you already know, I bought it off of eBay from Brad Shellady... [for an undisclosed amount] ...for the mask and to me it is well worth it.  But I would have paid... [even more] ...because to me its worth a lot more.  I thought it would go... [up] to $10,000.  It's what I think is one of the [most] important piece of movie history.  It's probably the thing you remember most about the movie.

When I got the mask, he [Brad Shellady] told me that he got it from Bob Burns and that Bob had it in a shoe box in his closet for many years up until he sold it to Brad.  When Brad got it, Bob sprayed it with some kind of sealant to preserve it and he sprayed it on a styrofoam head.  When it dried the became rock hard and is now stuck on the head so you cant remove it.  I wanted to take it off of there and place it on a glass head in its new case but I can't.  So it will forever remain on the crappy looking styrofoam head.  But it's getting a new air tight sealed case that's on its way.  In the pics is the old case.  When I get the new one, I will send more pics.  The mask is very scary looking now cause it really looks like a real dead piece of skin.  Bob made it so thin in some spots you can almost see thru it.  He did a great job on making it look real.

The mask is in my home.  I don't take it any where.  It's on a shelf in the living room that I built for it so everyone can see.  When I first seen the mask, I was disappointed cause I thought, "How could any one let it go like that and why some one didn't seal it right away?"  It made me mad 'cause that mask everyone knows and it's so important.  When I got it off of eBay, Brad called me and said, "I'm only 20 miles away from you.  I'll just bring it over to you."  That was weird.  All this time I never knew were the masks were and here to find out only a couple of towns away.  I about shit.  I'm just glad I have it and I'm never going to sell it to any museum.  If I sell it later, which I won't, it will be to another die hard fan like me who will take great care of it.

About me - I live in Bettendorf Iowa.  I'm 23 and a horror movie fanatic.  My house is just a big horror movie.  All kinds of movie and scary stuff everywhere as well as a ton of toys.  You can put all this info on you site.  I don't mind at all.  If any one has any questions, they can email me at drumboy1220@aol.com.  You can put that up too.  Thank you for putting these up and I'm so glad to have found fans of the movie [that] are just like me - always wanting to know everything about it.

Thanks again.  TCM lives on.

Thank you,

Randy Carpenter


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