Tim Harden's Article in 'Are You Going?'


Are You Going?

Christopher Garetano, the editor in chief of 'Are You Going', surprised me a while back when he asked me if I'd write an article for his new magazine.  Flattered that anyone would ask me, I delightfully agreed.  Not only do I appear in this great magazine, but there are other articles by Ed Neal (the Hitch Hiker from Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Bill Moseley (Chop Top, the Hitch Hiker's brother in TCM #2).

You can contact Christoper with your inquiries at Slasherfilm@aol.com.  And tell him Tim sent 'ya!

I've scanned the pages of the article for you to view here.  If you prefer to read the Microsoft Word document version I wrote, you may do so as well.  Which will cut down on your download time.


Click HERE for the MS Word.doc file (28K).

Click HERE for the first page of the article (357K).

Click HERE for the second page of the article (670K).

Click HERE for the third page of the article (443K).


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