18 Wheeler from the Original 1974
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film

The 18 wheeler from the original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.

If you'l recall, the truck driver, played by Ed Guinn, stumbles upon Sally being chased by Leatherface down the street with a chainsaw.  He stops his truck to see if he can help Sally, but soon realizes he's dealing with a very dangerous person.

He tries to save Sally in the cab of this truck.  But Sally winds up continuing running down the road while the truck driver finds a monkey wrench on the floor board.  He hurls the wrench towards Leatherface and hits him in the head (the wrench was really made out of balsa wood).

Leatherface falls to the ground and cuts his leg with his chainsaw (watch for Leatherface's zipper being down here as well!)

Both Sally and the truck driver run, and Sally eventually gets away in the back of someone else's truck, while the 18 wheeler driver is last seen running down the road, never to be seen again.

The following series of shots were taken in March, 2011 of the original 18 wheeler truck that appears at the end of the film.  The person who took these shots basically stumbled upon this by luck.  A source connected closer to the truck confirmed that the truck was indeed used in the film, and that the current owner of the truck knows of it's history.

The truck is located near San Marcos, Texas, and is sitting on private property.  Although it's been sitting outside for probably many years, it is under a metal roof which is protecting it from the sun and rain.

The trailer the truck was pulling in the movie is gone.  An effort to get the vehicle's VIN was made, but not found.  We're still working on getting that information.

The leg prosthesis that appears in a few of the pictures is unrelated to the film.  It was added by the owner for his own amusement.

At this time, no further comment can be made about its exact location, the current owner, or who submitted these pictures.  Release of this information may cause negative repercussions to both the status of the truck as well as the person who submitted the pictures.

I hope to one day have more pictures and information posted to this page.

None of the pictures have been reduced - they are posted in their original sizes, which are 1MB or more each.

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