TCM Movie Goofs


I have decided to open another section of my web site dedicated to the movie goofs that occur in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  To submit a TCM goof to me, please e-mail me and I will post it here if it hasn't already been mentioned.  If it is a new goof and one that I have not noticed before, I will most likely go back on the movie DVD to verify it as well.



Submitted by:    Frankie

Movie Goof:    Watch Franklin as he wheels himself into the Grandparent's house and jams his left arm in the doorway.  He has blood on the back of his right arm.  Later, when he's in the next room telling Kirk and Pam about the old creek, his right arm doesn't have any blood.

Submitted by:   Bryant

Movie Goof:    When the Hitch Hiker slices his hand in the van, you can see the tip of the bulb full of blood at the very bottom of the knife.  This bulb is supposed to be concealed thoroughly in his hand so that the viewer cannot see it.  But apparently, you can see the tip of it at the bottom of the knife.

Submitted by:    Tim Harden

Movie Goof:    Sally Hardesty somehow changes her shoes while she is being terrorized by Leatherface.  You'll notice that as she first enters the house and goes up and down the stairs, you can hear her open-toed clogs "clomping" on the wooden floor.  Later, during and after the dinner scene, you'll see her wearing regular rubber soled shoes.  This is most evident when you see her jump through the glass window of the first floor.

Movie Goof:    After the Hitch Hiker smears his fresh blood on the rear-right outside of the van, the next shot of the van on the road does not have the blood smear.  You will see the Hitch Hiker smear his blood.  The next scene is Franklin crying over his cut.  Jerry says, "That's the last goddamn hitch hiker I ever pick up!".  It is in the next shot of the van traveling on the road that you see the same side where the Hitch Hiker smears his blood, but it's not there.

Movie Goof:    I have found this goof only in the VHS version distributed by MPI Home Video.  When Franklin honks the van horn and Sally is trying to pull his arm off the steering wheel, you can distinctly hear 2 different car horns honking out of sync of each other.  If you play back the DVD version of this scene, there is clearly only one horn being honked and it's in perfect sync to Franklin's pressing of the horn.

Movie Goof:    When Franklin rolls down the side of the road at the start of the movie, there is one shot of the wheelchair tumbling over itself.  In the next shot, you see the wheelchair rolling on it's wheels.

Movie Goof:    I believe that there is an obvious sound editing flaw.  It occurs when Grandpa is trying to whack Sally with the hammer and the Hitch Hiker has her bent over the tub.  The picture below is a frame shot of the exact moment in which this flaw happens.  You can download a 2 second .wav file that I created from the film which has this error.  If you listen to this sound bite, you'll hear what I think is The Hitch Hicker growling twice with Leatherface howling throughout.  The Hitch Hiker's growl is repeated twice, making it sound more like a early 20th century model T car honking it's horn.  You may have to play back the .wav file a few times to get my meaning.  I believe that this is a sound editing flaw in which Tobe Hooper did an edit and tried to re-sync back with the film.  I can hear this error on the DVD and the VHS version.  So I have to assume that this occoured on the master film that Tobe edited.

Submitted by:    Dallas Hurt

Movie Goof:    During the scene where Grandpa is suckling Sally's finger, in the background, there is a cue card with the name "Edwin" on it.  Click HERE to download a picture screenshot of this scene.

Submitted by:    Johnathan

Movie Goof:    After Leatherface hangs pam on the meat hook, Leatherface looks at the camera for one second.

Submitted by:    David Miller

Movie Goof:    When the truck driver runs over the Hitch Hiker, you can see both hands of the driver waving him to get out of the way.  As the driver is doing this, the truck's horn is being honked.  One of the truck drivers hands has to be used to honk the horn.  Instead, both hands are seen waving the Hitch Hiker away while the horn blares away.

Mikael Wendelius

Movie Goof:    Mikael noticed a sound goof with the background music.  You can download this MP3 file he made of it.  It's during the scene where Franklin explains to The Cook at the gas station that the place they are going to is his daddy's.  You hear the soundtrack "skip" or "double" for an instant.  It's right before Franklin says, "My father owns it".  Thanks Mikael!

Movie Goof:    Mikael noticed that there is a red "open" sign on the BBQ/Gas Station door when The Cook is talking to the kids in the van.  Later, when Jerry goes in to ask if there is another gas station further down the road, the sign is NOT THERE!

The "open" sign is there... Now, the "open" sign is GONE!!!


Lisa Sierra

Movie Goof:    The part I noticed is close to the end when Sally jumps out of the window the last time to finally escape. She has long straight hair (and by the end of the movie, it's pretty messed up). When she (or stunt double) jumps out of the window, her hair looks as if she just stepped out of the Beauty Salon...nice and freshly rolled.