Hate Mail

This section is dedicated to all the bone heads that send me stupid e-mails.
Most of the time, I get these from complete strangers who have never e-mailed me before, and they decide to fire one off and blindside me.
There's certainly a lot of power when you're sitting behind a keyboard, isn't there?

Please feel free to e-mail them back a note!
But on the other side of the coin - if they reply back to me and apologize, I will promptly remove their name, e-mail address and their message.

Pogo Mochello Allen-Reese (aka Pogo Mochello Reese) loves to send me spam e-mail for some reason.  He's a nut-job former male stripper, current jesus freak.  He likes to remind me of this every once in a while with his nut-job spam e-mails.
Time and time again, I have asked him to take me off of his spam list, but he refuses to do so.  He spams many other people as well.

He goes by the nickname of "Patriot Prancer".

Check out his web site HERE if you'd like to see what a nut-job this guy is for yourself.
Here's a direct link to the page about him.
Here's his LinkedIn page.

If you'd like to help me out on this one, I'd appreciate it if you e-mailed him and told him to take my e-mail address off of his spam list.  That's all I ask.  Really.

Since he refuses to do that, here's some other information about him that I've found.

His phone number is 360-714-8043.  I'm sure he'd appreciate a phone call from you at some gawd-awful time of the morning.
His e-mail addresses are ca_three_c@yahoo.com, patriot.prancer@gmail.com, pogo.reese@gmail.com, justice4babies@gmail.com.
His Facebook page is HERE.

Call his number, drop him e-mails, post something to his Facebook.  Anything to piss this nut-job off would bring me great pleasure.

Here's a tail of Justin Kuhns.

PLEASE NOTE: This Justin Kuhns is NOT RELATED to Justin P. Kuhns in Columbia, SC.
That Justin P. Kuhns is a fine, upstanding citizen with lofty goals and of high esteem.

Now, with that being said, please read on about the slimeball Justin Kuhns of Springfield, MO.

Back in July of 2002, Justin Kuhns sent me a money order for $25, for an autograph of Marilyn Burns and Paul Partain, along with this friendly letter.  I turned around and sent him an autograph of Marilyn and Paul right after I received his "payment".  When I tried to cash the money order with my bank a couple of months later, I came to find out that he had cancelled the money order.  It turns out that if I had cashed the money order within the first 2 weeks that it was issued, the money order would have cleared.  But, Justin, within his infinite wisdom, knew that if I hadn't cashed the money order within the first two weeks, that he could stop payment on the money order and keep his autograph that I had sent him AND keep his lousy $25 dollars.

Before I knew this, I got a letter from my bank explaining that the money order had a stop payment on it.  So I sent a friendly letter to Justin explaining the situation.  Would it surprise you that I haven't heard a word from him at all since then?
Would it surprise you, that after dropping a single message through AOL IM to him, that he logged off, and probably blocked me?

I told him, via his e-mail address, that I would hang on to this situation for YEARS to come, and that his cancelled check would remain on my desk until this issue was resolved.  I have kept my promise and continued to try to collect this debt from him since 2002 with no avail.  I know that one would dismiss this and write it off.  But I believe that if someone has $25, and couldn't pay it immediately, that if they have a good and honest heart, that they would at least be honest with me and work something out with me.  They would STAY IN COMMUNICATION with me about this little situation.  Believe me, I don't need the $25.  I'm not starving.  I've already paid Marilyn Burns and Paul Partain for the autograph sale out of my pocket a long time ago.

It's the PRINCIPLE of the matter.  And I want Justin Kuhns to PAY HIS DEBT.

His current address is 1424 Buena Vista, Springfield, MO (417) 693-7591 Hm & Cell.
His MySpace page is  http://www.myspace.com/liveconcertdvds.
His working e-mail address is dammmefather@aol.com
He uses AOL IM and his screen name is dammmefather.
He also uses the screen name of "Justin 666" at times.
He's an eBay user as well.  His eBay name is heartofmetal.

Here's a list of links, provided by Google, with reference to this dickhead, that proves to me that he's still alive and kicking in Missouri.

#1, #2, #3, #4 (click on the link for the original message), #5

I urge you to drop Mr. Kuhns a line, to see how things are in his world, and ask him if my pursuit of him since July of 2002 has been worth the $25 he saved.


Here's one from a Skylar Bakner.  Seems like he needs to go back to school for geography.  He mentions something about a Texas bayou.  There's no bayous in Texas.

He calls me a loser, tells me to "suck on it bitch", his loser aunt died because she went camping, he's pissed off, blah blah blah, he has no brain or life, blah blah blah, Leatherface is real, blah blah blah, he's a burden on the human race because he's sucking air, blah blah blah...

You can read his message here.  His e-mail address is isaiahbaker69@yahoo.com.  But unfortunately, you'll never get back that one minute of your life it took to read his spewage.

homebuilderaj@aol.com says that Leatherface, well, just read it.

Read this one from Jason Jones.
He seems to be homophobic.

Read this one from Xxpimpxx20911111@aol.com
I think I'll quote Chevy Chase from the movie, Fletch:
"Well said, well spoken"

Read this one from Delwynn Hindman.  This guy claims to be a victim of Leatherface.

Check out this lovely e-mail from XcryXonXdemandX@aol.com.

Seems like accusing me of being gay is a common theme (VERY unoriginal I might add) among the hate-mailers for some reason.
Here's one from Jason Jones.

Donald Coffee.  Well, he's just OUT THERE.

Brandon Drumwright.  I can hear Napoleon Dynamite say, "IDIOT!"

"S.G. from NY".  I have no idea what crawled up his bum and died.  Read his e-mail HERE.

Once again, uncalled for general hostility, arguing that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre happened.
And that the "footage" is real.
From Darren Sage, here's the e-mail.

This guy claims that "Thomas Hewitt" was his best friend's uncle and told me to go *&#! myself.
This is his e-mail address, and here's his message.