The Fate of Quick Hill


This is a reprint of the "Buzz" article that appears on the La Frontera web site. In a nutshell, they’re about to run a freeway right over the site where the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was filmed. Construction is due to start this September.


The Buzz About la Frontera

Issue 14 April 7, 2000

State Vote Moves Construction of SH 45
Frontage Roads to September

State Highway 45, which has been on the drawing board in various forms for nearly 20 years, cleared a major hurdle March 30th when the Texas Transportation Commission (TxTC) authorized the accelerated construction of the project’s $16.1 million frontage road system. Work on the frontage roads is expected to begin by September 2000.

The new west-bound frontage road, with four-lane bridge over IH-35, and east-bound frontage road, connecting to and using the existing FM 1325 lanes, will provide significant relief to the major FM 1325 / IH 35 intersection.

The frontage roads will extend along both the Dell campus and the la Frontera development. In addition, it will connect to the new la Frontera internal road system. The combination of the frontage roads and the major arterial roads in the la Frontera development, built by la Frontera, are expected to reduce existing traffic congestion by as much as 50 percent.

"This is arguably the most important intersection in the state in providing jobs and revenue," said Round Rock Planning Director Joe Vining.

Excerpted from The Round Rock Leader - April 3, 2000

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