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Authentic Items from the Original
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film Location

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Foundation Rock from the
"Leatherface House"
Jar of Dirt from Quick Hill from
the "Leatherface House"
Piece of Asphault of the Road where
Leatherface did his "Chainsaw Dance"!



"Leatherface House"
A Multi-media CD-Rom with 220+
pictorial tour of the original Leatherface
house used in the 1974 film.


Tour Booklet of the original
Texas Chainsaw Masssacre Film Locations

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Official Texas Chainsaw Massacre Flashing Pin
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Dirt and Asphault from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film Location

Dirt from the original Texas Chainsaw
Massacre Film Location
Dug from Quick Hill, where the original Leatherface house
used to be, this area will be gone forever to bulldozers
for the La Frontera project.  Consider this item an investment.

Comes with signed certificate of authenticity.

Asphault from the original Texas Chainsaw
Massacre Film Location
Remember where Leatherface did his famous "Chainsaw Dance"?
This was taken from the same street in the exact same area where that scene was filmed.  This area will be gone forever to bulldozers
for the La Frontera project.  Consider this item an investment as well.

Comes with signed certificate of authenticity.

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The "Leatherface House" Multi-Media CD-ROM

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This is an individually numbered, limited edition CD-ROM presentation of over 200 color and B&W pictures of the original "Leatherface" home as it stood on Quick Hill before it was disassembled, moved to Kingsland, TX and remodeled as a restaurant.  Over 200 photographs contained on this disc have never been released in any media and are not posted on this web site.  They are also the only known and most thourghough documentation of the visual condition of the legendary house used as a film set known to exist.

Along with the many photographs is my audio commentary on several pictures explaining what exactly you are seeing and some background history of the house.

In addition to all of this material, is a Readme.doc file with a written history of the house.  There is also BONUS material on the CD as well.  Such as independent Texas Chainsaw Massacre related films and trailers.

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The back of the CD shows a picture of Quick Hill looking down the original driveway during the very memorable scene where Sally is being chased by the Hitch Hiker and Leatherface at the end of the film.  Where the house used to stand is now a stack of limestone foundation stones that supported the house for nearly 100 years.  These very limited quantity stones are also available for sale with a certificate of authenticity written and signed by Gunnar Hansen.  Please see below for more details on these rare stones.

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The inside of the front cover shows the original staircase where Sally ran and jumped out of the windows while trying to escape Leatherface's chainsaw.  It was also these stairs that the family brought down Grandpa for the infamous dinner scene.

The CD disc itself shows the Victorian house while decorated with the macabre bones in a deleted scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Behind the CD in the jacket is a direct scan of the original wallpaper that was on the walls of the 2nd floor of the home.  This wallpaper is clearly shown several times during the movie and is now finally available for your up-close inspection of the decades old wallpaper.

System Requirements:

Microsoft  Windows 95 or higher
Pentium 133 MHz IBM or 100% compatible PC
32MB RAM or more
SVGA Display (640 x 480 16-bit color or higher)
16-bit sound card
CD-ROM drive (4x or higher)


$25.00 plus $5.00 for S & H, USPS priority service

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A Piece of the Foundation Rock from the original Leatherface House


This is one of a limited number of rocks which was a part of the foundation of the original Leatherface house in Round Rock Texas from the 1974 film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Gunnar Hansen and I retrieved them personally from Quick Hill.  It was hand picked by Gunnar Hansen on location who played Leatherface in the classic cult movie and weighs approximately 1-3 pounds. Included with the rock is a picture of Mr. Hansen at the location retrieving the rock along with a certificate of authenticity.

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