Gunnar Hansen Documentary


From Gunnar:

The documentary is about the St. Croix River watershed -- which is part of the boundary between Maine and Canada. Actually, itís about the Passamaquoddy Indian tribeís relationship to the watershed over the past 9,000 years. It centers on an EPA superfund cleanup site that turned out to be an ancient settlement -- a seasonal village used almost continuously starting about 9,000 years ago, and abandoned about 1600. We just started shooting this past week -- the cameraman and I were out there Thursday and Friday and got some great images. Part of what we did was to follow an annual canoe trip from one Passamaquoddy reservation to the other one, which took two days -- down the St Croix River, portage around a couple of dams, and then out into Passamaquoddy Bay and down the coast to the second reservation. We got some beautiful stuff. Iím meeting with the cameraman tomorrow (Tuesday) to go over the shot breakdown, and then weíre back at it next week. (Iíll be heading down there again later this week to scout locations.) We hope to get all the shooting done (except for some mid-winter pickups) by mid September, so the editor can have a rough cut ready at the beginning of November, when I get back from the Halloween stuff. The script was a real bear to write, but Iím happy with it (even though Iím sure there will be changes as we go along).

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