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I finally have the chance to post this interesting e-mail I received from my friend Rickey.  I think everyone will find these facts amusing.


From: Rickey Calvert mrcellular@webtv.net
To: Tim Harden timh@texaschainsawmassacre.net
Sent: Sunday, June 13, 1999 8:38 AM
Subject: Re: TCM question

OK, this is all coming from my vague memory *LOL*
At the beginning of the show when the decayed bodies are shown, the
radio commentator mentions the town "monte alto" which is a real town in
the extreme SE part of Texas (almost Mexico). If I remember right,
Monte Alto has a population of 125 (back in 1988).
The same scene has the commentator mention that Monte Alto was located
in Muerto (Spanish for death) County. No such county exists.
I wrote to the County Sheriff back in 1988 that included the town of
Monte Alto and he had no ideal about the crimes that happened in that

When the group tries to initially get gas and find out the guy is out,
Jerry mentions trying to make it to "Newt" on what gas they have. Given
the location (SE Texas) and the fact that they would need to drive to
"Newt" is funny. Considering the only town in Texas with the name close
to Newt is Newton (a distance of 324 miles from Monte Alto), it was
illogical to think they could drive that far with 1/8 tank of gas. I
wrote to the Daily Newspaper in Newton about TCM and they replied saying
they didn't have anything regarding that crime, but they could send me
info regarding the ghosts of two college students that were murdered
under an overpass (apparently several people have seen these

Last but not least, when the lady is being chased by Leatherface and
arrives back at the gas station (before she is bagged n gagged), the
station owner mentions that he doesn't have a phone, but they would have
to drive to Childress. Given the area being in SE Texas, and the
Childress being in the NE (almost in the Panhandle), that would be a 12
hour drive to a phone (eh gads). I wrote to Childress daily paper and
the reporter didn't realize that Childress was even named in the movie
and wanted to know more.

There's one brief scene where the tag of the van is shown, I ran the tag
through our local dispatch center (to get ownership info). Of course no
record was found, so my friend at dispatch (whom is still there), did
some research with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles on the older
tag (the tag expired in 1975 and it was 1988 when we were checking on
it). Apparently the van was owned by <<drum roll>> Edward Gein (the
truck driver from the movie).

Strange eh??



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