E-Mail the Cast of Texas Chainsaw Massacre


If you would like for your personal e-mail message to reach one of the cast members of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it is first required that you make a donation to support my web site.


If you do not have a credit card to make a donation, or are having a problem donating to the site through the above button, please e-mail me.

Most of the cast of Texas Chainsaw Massacre wish to keep their personal e-mail account information undisclosed to the general public.  For this reason, I have made available the possibility for fans to write to some of the cast members with this service.

If you would like to send a message to Gunnar Hansen, Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal, Paul Partain or Robert A. Burns, please read on.

Why should I have to donate money to send an e-mail to a cast member?
Because this is a service that I am providing for you.  When you send your e-mail to the cast member, it is actually coming to me first and then I turn around and forward the message to the cast member.  Because many people have been sending e-mails to the cast members through me and my web site, I am finding that more of my time was being used for this service when I was doing it for free.

Do you read the e-mail intended for the cast member before you send it to them?  What if I want to send them a private message?
I receive so many e-mails that are addressed to me, I do not have time or the inclination to read an e-mail intended for someone else.  I'll receive the e-mail, verify the person's donation, and then forward the e-mail to the intended cast member.

I remember what the e-mail addresses were for the cast members that were posted on your site.  So I can send an e-mail to that address and not make the donation.
That's fine.  But remember - when you send that e-mail, it is actually coming to me and then I will verify whether or not you sent me a donation for the service before it gets forwarded to the cast member.

What guarantee do I have that my message will reach them?  And will they reply back to me?
You have my guarantee that when you donate to my site and I get your message intended for the cast member, that your message will arrive to their personal e-mail account.  There is no guarantee that they will reply directly or indirectly to you.  Nor is there the guarantee that they will even read your message.

What happens after I donate to your web site?  How do I send a message to the cast member?
Once you have made your donation, e-mail me to let me know that you donated to my site and wish to send a cast member a message.  Once I verify that you donated, I will reply back to you with an e-mail address that you can write to them to.

I don't have to donate to your site to send them an e-mail.  I already know their personal e-mail address.
Good for you!


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