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Official TCM Site(s)

Official TCM Cast/Crew Sites:

Andrew Bryniarski - The official web site for the actor who played Leatherface in the 2003 TCM remake.

Roger Bartlett - Remember the 'sidewalk cafe' song in TCM where the kids pick up the Hitchhiker?  This is the guy that wrote the song playing in the background called "Fool for a Blond".  Roger even signed my guestbook!  Yes, there is a link on Roger's page to a TCM section.
Stephen Fox - Stephen Fox did the soundtrack for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre documentary, "The Shocking Truth".  He has 3 MySpace links.  #1, #2 & #3.
John Garza - John was a backup singer on Roger Bartlett's "Fool for a Blond" song.
ChopTop's BBQ - Bill Moseley's web page.  BTW, ChopTop was the Hitchhiker's brother in TCM 2 and Bill Moseley played the part.

Daniel Pearl - Daniel was the original cinematographer for the first film, and came back again for the 2003 remake.

Gunnar Hansen's Official Web Site
Gunnar Hansen's Home Page
- 'Nuff said!  And thanks for the link Gunnar!

House of Horrors - This web site has been dubbed the "official" TCM site by the Tobe Hooper camp.
Teri McMinn - Official site.
Teri's Trippi LA Tours -  Book a tour of LA with "Pam"!
Pam Sezz - Teri's line of TCM merchandise
3 Ring Service - Visit Allen Danziger's company web site.  Allen was the van driver from TCM.

Online Interviews with Cast/Crew Members:

Andrew Bryniarski - The actor who plays Leatherface in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, conducted by...ME!
Andrew Bryniarski - Another interview of him on The Horror Post.

Marilyn Burns - A very good interview of her.  And she mentions the rocks that Gunnar and I sell!

Gunnar Hansen - This is simply a link to his page that has several links to online interviews on his web site,
Gunnar Hansen in Bizzarmag
Gunnar Hansen
on the House of Horrors Web Site.
Gunnar Hansen - 11th hour interview.
Gunnar Hansen
- The Bubblegum interview.
Gunnar Hansen - On CNN.Com

Tim Harden - OK, I know I'm not a member of the original cast or crew.  But someone actually thought that I was worth interviewing.  So I stuck the link here - OK?!!?
Tim Harden - Here's 'nuther one.
Tim Harden - Yet another one.
Tim Harden - Another one.

Bill Johnson - On the Texas Chainsaw Museum

Bill Moseley - Bill talks about the special edition TCM 2 DVD.

Paul Partain - An interview conducted by...ME!
Paul Partain
- Interview with Petch Lewis of Pit of Horor.
Paul Partain
- On the web site.
Paul Partain
- An interesting phone interview.

Daniel Pearl - Scott Perry did an interview of Daniel Pearl for the Colonels Crypt.

Unofficial/Tribute TCM Sites:

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Excellent site!  Go there NOW!!!
The Chainsaw Roars
- A great Saw fan site.
Skinfreak Texas Chainsaw Site - Check it out.
The Saw Lives - Very good Saw fan site.
Marmalade.Chainsaw - A TCM fan site
The Saw Is Forever - Great TCM site.

TCM Discussion Forums/Chat Rooms:

Texas Chainsaw Forum
- A newsgroup that I created back in July of 2000, if you are into newsgroups.
Bill Johnson Online
Leatherface's BBQ Shack - This web site has a chat session every Tuesday evening.
Leatherface's Hideout - Another Yahoo! TCM club.
Leatherface's Farmhouse - Yet another Yahoo! TCM club.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - A Yahoo! TCM 2 club.
Leatherface's Splatter House - Still another Yahoo! TCM club.
Texas Terror Message Board
The Future of the TCM Message Board

Other Sites with References to TCM:

The Antlers Inn - Web page for the Antlers Inn that now owns the house where the film was made.
Dead Puppy Records - Terry Rice & company made a tribute CD to the Cornbugs (Bill Moseley & Buckethead's band).
Don Martin Public Affairs - Mr. Martin now owns the sister TCM house.  For more info about this house, go HERE.
Ed Gein - The best Ed Gein site with pictures that I have found so far.
Exploited Video - This is the company that is producing the new documentary on TCM.  For more information and behind-the-scenes pictures taken by myself, go HERE.
- A movie from Trisomy Films, where they make a pilgrimage to Quick Hill where TCM was filmed.
The Horror Post - They have interviews of me and Andrew Bryniarski, the actor who plays Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003.
The Indiana Drill Massacre
- An upcoming film with inspirations to the original TCM film.
Joe Bob Briggs
- Briggs gives about the best explanation about how the movie came to be.  I wish I had put this together!  EXTREMELY informative.
Spender Perskin's Shiva's Headband Experience - Experience Spencer Perskin's website.  His band worked with Tobe Hooper to provide the music for Tobe's psychedelic feature, "Eggshells" in 1968.  I'm also working with Spencer on an album with Jerry Rigged, by the way.
Rachel's Attic - This is the official movie web site in which Gunnar Hansen plays Ronald in the film.
Repligator - This is the official home page of the cinematic comedy that Gunnar Hansen appeared in.  If you find out how to get this film on video, please let me know!
Taylor Meat - This is the meat company in Taylor, TX who's store was used in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Manta Ray Pictures - This site did a GREAT review of our TCM Locations booklet.  Check out the review HERE.

Other General Sites:

Austin Webspinners - Need a web site built for your personal or business use?  These are the people to contact!

Horror Writers

Mother May I Clothing - Cool site!  Tell him Tim sent 'ya!

Killing Box

Quick Hill Films

Morbid Decor - Check out his TCM items!  Very cool!

Twisted T's Clothing - Twisted T's is THE place for t-shirts.  Go there NOW!!!

Scott Eggleston Studio

True Ghost Stories

USB Chainsaw

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Cheap Sunglasses Band - My ZZ Top tribute band!
Tim Harden's Buzzard Bass page - Read all about this amazing bass!


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