The 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake

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HERE'S some very comprehensive info on the song, "Song to the Siren" that appears in the film, for which I get a lot of e-mail inquiries about, courtesy of James Blackwood. Here's several photos of the mill that was used in the film.
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The song that plays on the remake’s website is a remix of “Song to the Siren” by Tim Buckley. The first live performance of it was on The Monkees TV show in 1967. The song has been covered by several bands, but the one that was mixed for the website is performed by the band Cocteau Twins. It appears on two “This Mortal Coil” compilation albums produced by 4AD records. The two albums it appears on are “Sixteen Days – Gathering Dust” (1983) and “It’ll End in Tears” (1984). The interesting part is that the cover of “Sixteen Days” has a house on it that resembles a mirror image of The Family House from the original TCM. Here’s a link with the two covers: Here's a few of the slaughterhouse, which is a real meat company called Taylor Meat Co.
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Here's some shots of the house that was used in the remake.
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Photos courtesy of Dusty Rhodes

HERE is an article found by Jeff Thompson that talks about the BBQ/Gas station, not to be confused with gas BBQ, that was used in the remake.  It's very detailed, tells exactly where this gas station is along with their phone number.

HERE is a page that has posted some pictures of the remake's debut in Austin, TX with Lee Ermey as the host.

I received a couple of press invitations to the remake screenings in LA and New York.  They are both in MS Word format.  #1 & #2

There is going to be a world premiere of the remake film here in Austin, TX on September 27th.  Click HERE for more info on that.

 conducted an interview with Andrew Bryniarski, the actor who plays Leatherface in the new remake film.  Click HERE to go there.

Here are several shots of the house that was used in the remake.
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Photos are courtesy of Christina Long & Brian Bowling

Here is another new photo of Leatherface.
Here and here a couple of pictures of the new Leatherface.
Here's a new photo of some of the cast of the new TCM.
New Line Cinema has released these stills from the movie.  #1 / #2
Photos of a set from Walburg, TX, courtesy of Jason Clark.
More photos of the sets from Walburg, TX, courtesy of Jason Clark.
Photos of props and sets from an anonymous submitter
Photos of the house in Granger, courtesy of Reservoirdogmxz.
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Here is a review of the film by Harry Knowles. Photos from inside the mill in Walburg, courtesy of Reservoirdogmxz.
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Here is the official web site for a meat market that was used in the film. Photos of the Cele store, Taylor Meat, the house and the cotton mill.  Courtesy of Inocencio Rodriguez.  #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15 & #16.
Here is a trailer for the movie.
The official film web site is now online.  Click HERE to go there.
Here's a link to Creature Corner about the new TCM release.
The release date for the remake has been pushed back to January 16th, 2003, according to the Internet Movie Database.
Here's some interesting info about what MAY be in the up coming remake, including a picture of Leatherface!
Erin Kelly informs us that the scenes in the new film of animal carcasses in a freezer was shot at the Taylor Meat Co.
Looks like Marilyn Manson is helping out with the soundtrack to the remake.  For more information on this, go to the Fangoria site HERE.
J.A. Fletcher has found out who is playing Leatherface for the remake.  Click HERE.
Diane Wood works for a company that rents portable toilets.  On 07/25/02, she got a call for 2 to be delivered to the old cotton gin in Martindale.  She was told that the remake was being shot at that location.
J.A. Fletcher found this article on the Fangoria web site. reports that the film crew is shooting footage
in Coupland, TX near Cile store.
T.J. Jones spotted the film crew in Tyler, TX
Detailed info about the remake.  Perhaps copied from a press release?
Info submitted courtesy of Mr. J. A. Fletcher
Eyewitness from a UPS driver near the filmshoot  
ET website on Jessica Biel, the next "Sally"  
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