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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Visit to the Film Locations

This web site was established in the summer of 1998.  Since then, all funding for this site has come entirely from my pocket and it has become the #1 resource on the world wide web for all things related to the original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.  Here is a short outline of the expenses it has taken (and currently takes) to keep this site afloat.

There are over 830 individual HTML pages written by me and growing.

There are over 2300 picture files, each one individually modified for your downloading convenience - and growing.

There are thousands of hours spent at the keyboard making additions, updates and answering your questions via e-mail that continues to this day.

YOU have an almost unlimited space on this site to post your Chainsaw related pictures for the entire world to see in the Fan Foto section.

I have spent thousands of dollars on research for this site.  This money went towards long distance calls, hundreds of gallons of fuel for traveling, film and film developing along with other expenses.


I realize that what I outlined above was purely my own undertaking.  But it is because of fans of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, like yourself, that has given me the drive to keep expanding on this web site.

I receive several e-mails per day and I make a point to answer every single one of them the best I can.  And all of the fruits of my work are posted on this site for FREE FOR YOU.  Of those e-mails I receive, I get positive feedback from TCM fans who appreciate all the time, effort and information that is available to them.  So if you feel that my labors are worth a donation to keep this site afloat, then please donate.  If you do not wish to donate to this site but yet reap the benefits of this site for your information and entertainment purposes, then please continue through my site.  I hope that at some point in time you will feel that my work for you is worth a donation.


Tim Harden
Webmaster of TCM: A Visit to the Film Locations