Fan Fotos

Fan Fotos

For pictures of you fans visiting the locations, go HERE, pick the site, and
all the pics you have submitted are posted to the location they correspond to.

Fans with Texas Chainsaw Massacre Cast Members
Fans with Memoribilia Collections
Fans with Costumes and Homemade Masks
Fan Submitted Articles
Original Fan Art and Other Works

Because I offer to post your pictures for FREE on my web host, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind.


Keep the file size down.
  Try to be consciencious about other people trying to download your pictures, that they're not over 1MB in size each.
2. Your pictures become public domain.
  I don't implement any security features to prevent people from downloading and saving your pictures.  If you don't want other people to have your pictures, then you shouldn't submit them to me to be posted.  This also means that I can use your picture(s) at my discretion (media requests, in print, ect.)
3. There's no guarantee that I'll post your pictures.
  I won't post your pictures if they are offensive (I shouldn't have to outline to you what offensive is), or the quality is extremely poor.  But the fact is, that I do post about 99% of all the fan foto submissions I get.

By submitting your pictures to me via e-mail, you are thereby agreeing by these terms.

You can e-mail me your scanned pictures or send copies to my home address.  Please request my address via e-mail.  If you need me to scan your photos, please send a money order for $1.00 to my name for each photo that you submit.


2007 Tim Harden

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