The New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake


The following pictures were submitted to me from Walburg, TX, one of the filming locations for the next installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.  This movie is set to be released in theatres on October 31, 2003.

"Most of the crew was off at another location shooting at the time, but there was some filming going on. Anyway, there were lots of security and photos were strictly prohibited, so please excuse the poor, blurry quality of some of these images. The crappy camera I had didn't take pictures out of a moving car very well. I labeled them as best as I could so your website visitors could get a good idea of how it's set up. This wasn't Leatherface's house or anything, but I did manage to see several of the props. You'll see in the photos the kid's van they're using this time. Looks pretty close to the original, except navy blue. They had a total of three of the same exact van's at the set in Walburg. I also saw an old cop car, although I have no idea how they are working that into the script. I also saw what might have been Jim Siedow's old truck in the new film..but I'm not certain. They were gearing up for a night shoot so I had to get out of there before my cover was blown. I hope you can use these on your site. I hope you enjoy seeing them , Tim! Keep up the great work on your site."

And thank YOU for helping make what my site is today!

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Back of the facility The Sawmill The Kid's Van
Closup of the Sawmill Parking Lot Grocery


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