Interview with Teri McMinn


UPDATE:  Teri is granting her first interview in years to the Official Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fan Club!
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The below interview was done in 2004.

I spoke with Teri recently. Although no longer giving interviews, and preferring to remain ‘the recluse’, when pressed she responded that she, "has many fans… especially in my family." She continues to enjoy surprising people she meets with the undeniable truth: She is indeedthe girl on the hook’.

Teri: "Well, it was fine the first 25 years, but I’m basically ‘off the hook’.  I have a lot of other interests that are close to my heart and they keep me busy.  But I do love to watch people’s responses because they just love it, and we all get so many laughs about it.  It’s really a hoot and has brought a lot of unexpected joy to me and so many others.  People actually whisper in crowded rooms, ’Did you know?? She’s the girl on the hook from, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’?? The ORIGINAL!!  I just have to smile. After all, who would have thought that this little film would become a cult classic? I’m in the ‘Museum of Modern Art’ for goodness sake! Tobe and Kim have every reason to be proud of what was accomplished under more than challenging circumstances. We all do. I have a lot of fond memories about it."

Ms McMinn, closed our interview with a note of humor:

Teri: "ALERT THE MEDIA !!  "No longer the ingénue, I am now available for ‘the older woman’ roles.... 'I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille'  I like to think of my self as authentic...I’ve earned these stars!! "


These days Teri divides her time between her homes in Austin and California. The last time we spoke, she was threatening to open up to signing a few pictures for die hard fans (pun intended). Stay tuned…


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