Fan Submitted Articles

Rick Balin
Here is an article that Rick scanned in for us from the November, 2001 issue of Fangoria about the new Boogymen DVD with a picture of Gunnar Hansen.
Rick also submitted a scan of Fango's article in the same issue about "Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Shocking Truth", but I decided to post this article in the other section of my web site all about this documentary.  To go to that page, click HERE.
Rick sent in a pic of Gunnar standing amongst other well known Boogeymen.  Click HERE to view the article.

Bruce Eipperle
Here is a photo of Leatherface running in the woods.  This picture was in a UK magazine called Empire.

Tim Harden
This ad (158K) appeared on the back of Boxoffice, October 28, 1974.
are a couple of TCM pictures from the UK magazine, Empire for the month of October, 2000.  I have posted these because I have never seen these pictures anywhere else.
is a picture of Marilyn Burns from her interview in Draculina, #24 from 1995.  There is also a picture I have never seen anywhere else of her in the back of the truck during the filming of TCM.
Here is an article that appeared in the Austin Chronicle about the Leatherface house now being in Kingsland as the Kingsland Old Town Grill.  I called Paul Partain and Ed Neal to join us out there.  Too bad they couldn't get the URL to my web site correct!  You can also click HERE for the same article on their web site.
Also, in this same issue of the Chronicle, they announced a screening of TCM with Tobe Hooper.  I have scanned it and posted it HERE.
Here is an article that I wrote for the horror magazine, 'Are You Going?'

Lana scanned and sent in this article from a newspaper from 1974 that talks about TCM, along with an ad for the movie.  #1, #2, #3 & #4.
Lana sent in a couple more.  #1 & #2.

Manuel sent in these pics taken from a French book, Cinefilms #2 by Jean-Baptiste Thoret.  #1, #2 & #3.
Click HERE to read an article published by the Austin American Statesman remembering the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.  This was published on June 8th, 1986.

Aleksander Serigstad
Aleksander sent in a complete interview with Gunnar Hansen that appeared in Fangoria.  Page #1, #2, #3, #4, & #5.

Chappy Taylor
Here is a scan of the TCM article that appeared in Entertainment Weekly in November, 2000.
Here is a scan from the Philadelphia Inquirer, October 18th, 1974.

Here is a behind-the scenes shot of Gunnar during the shooting of the film, Demon Lover.  This was taken from the press kit of the film.
Chappy submitted several pages from the Shivers magazine, issue #104, May 2003.  Page #1, #2 & #3.

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